Why Choose us


  1. We are based within the heart of Pinewood Studios and all of our training programmes are designed and led by industry top liners and your future employers.

  2. We have developed a line of trust with those working in the industry and have become known as the place to access the most experienced technicians.

  3. These industry experts are all keen to ‘up skill’ the new generation, and most importantly to sustain what makes the UK such a desirable place to film, our World Class crew and their standards and traditions.

  4. This constantly growing bank of tutors have worked with legendary directors such as Lean, Spielberg, Fellini, Kubrick to name a few, and their knowledge is unsurpassed.

  5. We work closely with the BFI, Screenskills and Industry to ensure that we consistently offer top quality training targeted to the greatest point of need and stay on the pulse of a fast paced industry.

  6. Ensuring accessible top level industry training is key to what we do at Creative Media Skills. We work extremely hard to ensure that our training is reasonably priced and affordable so therefore open to a diverse group of talent

  7. We have had both Oscar-winning tutors and participants at CMS – which proves you never stop learning…

  8. Since our incorporation in 2012 we have trained thousands of existing crew members and beginners alike who have worked on many of the major International blockbuster films and high end TV productions made in the UK. Here’s what some of them have said:



“This course was an amazing opportunity for learning”

“Just wonderful, I feel lucky and honoured to get to study here”

“A relaxed, safe and professional environment to refresh my skills surrounded by like minded colleagues”

“Dynamic delivery, inspirational and so exciting”  

“One of the best courses I’ve attended”

“It is the best chance I’m going to have to get a foot in the door of the film industry”

“Packed full of cutting edge techniques and really challenging”

“Yes – the guest lecturers and the knowledge they bring is invaluable and was only accessible to me because of this course”

“Learnt so much. Game changing. Loved it!”

“This course was simply the best I have ever been on. The tutors were absolutely brilliant in teaching and enlightening information to all”

“It has enabled me to improve my skills and show others around me what I am capable of”

“It adds excitement and makes the future feel more tangible”

“You and Pinewood have been a massive inspiration to me and it’s an experience I hold very close to my heart, I would just like to thank you again for inspiring me to go into an area I never even dreamed of and that I didn’t think was possible” 

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