Stuart Bray & SFX Makeup Course at CMS

We had a great week last week, here in Creative Media Skills, with Special Effects & Makeup expert, Stuart Bray, delivering his amazing 5 day workshop, SFX Makeup – Lifecasting, Moulding & Sculpting, teaching the process of creating a prosthetic from start to finish with simple to use materials and techniques.

Stuart Bray, best known for his work on Shaun of the Dead (2004), The Mummy Returns (2001) and Stardust (2007), has spent most of his working career honing and perfecting his skills in prosthetic makeup and special effects for film and television… Now, as one of the industry’s leading special effects artists, Stuart is here in Pinewood Studios passing on his knowledge to the next generation.

“Working with enthusiastic people is as much fun to me as working on a movie.  I see the results and I feel the connection when you transfer ideas and information into a set of actions and skills for someone else to perform” explains Stuart. Then whilst discussing the opportunity Creative Media Skills provides, he goes on to say ,”I feel privileged to be able to train people up and pass on my skills, as I remember only too well, wanting to know and not being able“. 

The course specifically focused on materials which were relatively easy to find and use for participant’s future projects, from designing and positioning on live models, to making a master mould and finishing the process with silicone, gelatine and Pro-Bondo appliances, all of this was covered in our amazing Lifecasting, Moulding and Sculpting Course.

Pip Howarth, freelance Makeup SFX artist of 3 years and one of the participants of this week’s course said “it’s fantastic to have a professional like Stuart Bray, who’s been right in the mix of the industry, sharing his knowledge as well as having him on hand to answer questions and give advice…. I want to make the jump from small budget, independent movies to large budget, studio films of the likes you see being made in Pinewood…” she continues, “I believe having a place like Creative Media Skills, based in the heart of the film industry will not only bring me closer to that dream by introducing me to the necessary people, but also help provide me with the skills to succeed in my career”.

Each participant benefited from Stuart’s one-on-one tips and personal feedback about their current project, plus, amazing hands-on-experience with top level materials provided by Creative Media Skills as recommended by the industry’s experts.

If you’re interested in attending one of Stuart’s SFX Makeup – Lifecasting, Moulding and Sculpting courses, or any one of the other, amazing, industry leading courses provided here at Creative Media Skills, then get in touch with any one of the team at

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