Funding guide

Funding guide

At Creative Media Skills we believe that the key to developing and finding new talent lies ensuring that the industry is open to a wide and diverse pool of people across the UK and Internationally. You will notice that our course prices are low compared to our competitors, this is because we work extremely hard to ensure that our training is not only unique and World Class but affordable and accessible to all.

If you need further assistance in covering your course fees there are many different options of Student and adult education finance available and also some Bursaries. For further information on any of these or more ways in which we may be able to help please get in touch


Advanced learner loans :

Are you 19 or over and considering studying a Level 3 to Level 6 course? An Advanced Learner Loan might be the best way to finance your course.

The Advanced Learning Loan is a non-means tested student loan that you can take out with The Student Loans Company to cover the fees of a Level 3 – Level 6 course. The Student Loans Company will make payments directly to the College so you can focus on your learning.


There are two types of student loan:

  • Postgraduate Master’s Loan If you’re starting a master’s degree, you could get of up to £10,609 to help with course fees and living costs.

As well as this you could also get a loan from the following three options to top this up:

Student finance loans are available to all home and EU students studying full-time or part-time for their first degree (they are not available for students studying at further education level).

You will need to repay both loans after you complete your studies and are earning more than £21,000 (increasing to £25,000 for courses starting after April 2018). Please visit the Student Loans Company for details of the repayment terms and conditions.

Students from the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands should check with their local government for details of available support.

For more information about eligibility pleasevisit who-qualifies.


Creative Skillset Film bursaries 

Craft, technical and production bursaries are funding for training grants of up to £800 for film professionals working in eligible departments to spend on training which meets key skills priorities.

If the training for which you wish to find funding does not fall within the parameters of our bursaries, there are other funding organisations that may be able to help. Follow this link for a list of other organisations that may offer funding.

Creative Skillset HETV Bursaries

Up to £1,000 is available for eligible individuals to cover course fees, travel and childcare costs (where applicable). read more here 

Northern Ireland Screen Skills Fund 

The Skills Fund is a grant offered to individuals working in the Northern Ireland screen sector and is designed to support financially those participating in training or development courses. Just follow the link below!

Skills Fund


Most participants return again and again to CMS which is why we have put together a loyalty scheme to support more of you to do so ! Each course that you attend you will receive a stamp in your loyalty card,  after you reach 3 stamps you will automatically receive a 25% discount, after you reach 6 stamps you will be eligible for a free course of your choice!


We can set up a ‘Pay in 3’ plan where you can pay the short course fee in three monthly instalments. If you need a more flexible plan then you can contact us to discuss this by calling us on 01753 656168 or emailing

Please contact us if you need any help with any of these options we are more than happy to help.

*this option is only available on short courses


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