Creative beginnings

For 6 – 16 year olds interested in beginning a creative journey at the weekends!

Course Summary

  • Theatrical knowledge & practises
  • Terms & techniques
  • Naturalistic acting & characterisation
  • Script/scene study & audition preparation
  • Improvisation & devised theatre
  • Imagination & mime
  • Voice work – projection diction and delivery
  • Dance techniques
  • Singing and vocal delivery
  • Working in front & behind a camera
  • Directing
  • Camera work
  • Script study and creation
  • Confidence on screen
  • For a full summary of each class please click here

* Payments must be paid one month in advance
* There is a 4 week notice period for termination
* The price is £110 per calendar month which equates to £10 per hour or £30 per 3 hour session/week
* The weekly amount is multiplied by the 44 weeks that the academy is open and this is divided into twelve months, which equates to your average monthly payment
  • Duration 1 month
  • Location London
  • Price £110

More information

Creative beginnings 

Join us for initial training for a future career in the arts, to build life skills, or just for fun every weekend! And if you want a small, fun-filled, welcoming environment where your child instantly becomes a member of our family choose Creative Beginnings!

We will provide exceptional tuition that will not only serve students of 6 – 16 years old if they wish to pursue a career in stage or film but will also equip them with some invaluable life skills. We inspire confidence, nurture talent and maximise communication skills, all whilst having fun in a range of classes.

 We will give our students the creative courage to embrace life and they will experience a variety of mediums so they have a breadth of knowledge to become a star. We believe every child is already a star; they just need to learn to hold their own spotlight in order to shine like a diamond!

Each session lasts three hours and students rotate every hour to experience all three disciplines.


Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television training not only enhances your chance for a career in the industry, but also enhances lives creatively, socially and professionally.

Drama – the theatre – acting all help to develop a student’s communication and self-expression. It builds their confidence to connect with peers, actively listen, speak publicly and improve vocal delivery.

Drama will provide the students with a range of theatrical knowledge and practices, including different terms and techniques. This includes everything from naturalistic acting, characterisation, script/scene study and audition preparation to improvisation, devised theatre, storytelling, imagination, mime and voice work (projection, diction and delivery). Students will become familiar with theatrical terminology and learn different staging options.

Musical Theatre combines the three disciplines of acting, dance and singing to tell a story. Students are encouraged to explore each of the disciplines regardless if they feel more comfortable with one and this is achieved by creating a small friendly, fun-packed class.

Musical Theatre combines a range of dance techniques, singing and vocal delivery and moving from dialogue acting scenes into song and dance numbers.

Film and Television requires a unique style of acting that is different from acting on stage. Our first-class teachers will teach the truthful style of acting required for the screen and give students the insight into the requirements of working in front of and behind a camera. Students will have the opportunity to direct films, take charge of the camera and act as cameraman, or hold the spotlight and act in front of the camera.

They will learn how to develop credible characters, study film & television scripts, devise material and storyboard, practise continuity techniques and develop on-screen confidence by making their own films and positively critiquing their own work on the screen.

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Who is this for?

This specialised creative and performance weekend educational tuition in Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television is a unique opportunity for children and young adults from 6 – 16 years to begin their creative journey with top level tuition.

Our unique educational framework for each age group helps students reach their full potential in a fun and supportive environment. We will teach them everything they need to know to act, dance, sing or direct to become a professional or just to increase confidence!


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