Start Producing / Writing / Directing!

For 14–18 year olds interested in becoming part of a future film crew, we have devised a schedule of specific workshops!

Course Summary

  • Intro to the Film Industry
  • What a Producer does
  • What the Writer does
  • What a Director does
  • How the Producer, Writer and Director work together
  • Creating a story from an idea
  • Breaking it down
  • Pitching ideas
  • The Crew
  • The Actors
  • Directing Actors
  • Prep for a shoot

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  • Duration 3 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £299

More information

Start Producing / Writing / Directing Workshop

This Start Producing / Writing / Directing workshop is the best possible introduction to this key sector of an industry that is increasingly in demand.
Specifically targeted for young people interested in becoming part of a future film production. This schedule of specific workshops offers insights into life working in this exciting and thriving creative industry.
This workshop is designed especially  for 14-18 year olds who want to learn more about the journey of an idea to a script, then the process undertaken to finally what we see on our screens. Attendees will benefit from the unique opportunity of learning from some of the industries leading producers, writers and directors.
Firstly, you will be given a forensic introduction to the film industry through the eyes of these three vital roles.  Then you will learn how a producer develops an idea with a writer, deals with multi-millionaire A-listers and how they balance budgets and schedules with creativity. Most importantly, you will learn how the producer and director work with the writer, and learn how a director gets the best from his actors and how they bring a script to life.  
Ultimately, you will pitch your ideas to the team who will guide you through the process to create a story, break it down, pitch it professionally, direct your actors and prep for the shoot. All with the help of some of the most experienced and successful film industry professionals in the world. 

We have trained many of the professional crew that facilitate many of the films you see on your screens. So we invite you to begin the journey of your career with us.

Who is this for?

This specialised workshop for 14–18 year olds is specifically designed as an in depth and targeted introduction to Producing, Writing and Directing for film and television work. More theory than practical, this course will lead to a deep understanding of the Film making process from script to screen at the top level. It is an excellent opportunity to glimpse into the possibilities of a future career.

We at CMS understand the importance of introducing the next generation to the different careers available in film and television.

For any 14–18 year old who has an interest in Film, writing, acting, art or just creativity in general this is an amazing opportunity to learn more from the heart of the industry!

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information.

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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