Character Makeup

Transform actors into characters at the top level using a variety of skills and techniques on this Pro level course.

Course Summary

  • Character Design
  • Skin Effects
  • Prosthetic Features
  • Prosthetic painting & finishing
  • Bald Caps
  • Ageing
  • Laying on Facial Hair

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  • Duration 5 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £599

More information

Character Makeup & Prosthetics Application Master course

This Character Makeup & Prosthetics Application Master course is an excellent opportunity to network and work alongside like-minded professionals. Share ideas whilst developing confidence and skills

Creating characters is one if the biggest challenges of the professional makeup artist. Through mastering different techniques and various materials, a realistic or fantastical character can be created. Using stock pieces and a variety of makeup techniques, each participant will create their own character. (Warrior/alien/old battered pirate/beautiful pixie or more!)

Participants will make simple reference drawings on tracing paper over pictures. They will be taught the importance of using reference in the creation of their characters – Pinterest, paintings, real people, the “vegetable soup” of ideas in which a character is born. Create a character on paper and then plan the makeup using stock/generic pieces supplied by us as well as bald caps, hair and direct applied techniques.

From skin effects such as freckles, moles, broken veins, scars, age spotsfacial hair including, beards, side burns, moustaches and eyebrows. Hair and wig techniques and Prosthetics including noses, chins, water necks, droopy eyelids, cleft palates. This master course will allow you to combine all of your talents, ask questions you might not feel able to in the work place and develop your skills in a relaxed environment. So tell us your specific needs and we will cover them in this professional course.

Your course leader will create a character in a makeup demo using all of the techniques that will then be used by you! Laying on facial hair, hair added on top of a bald caps, smaller and subtle pieces in pro bondo, silicone out of silicone moulds. Some simple slip casting latex pieces, ears, nose tips, wounds and swollen lips. Skin texture with latex and tissue/ paper towels/ cotton wadding. Applied gelatine for burns and alien texture using sculpt gel to create skin texture and healed or fresh wounds using stock foam/gelatine/silicone pieces in a prosthetic makeup. The advantages and disadvantages of each material and the specific processes of painting/makeup up over each material/blending into the skin. Simple effects on teeth such as gold teeth, food colouring in the mouth and tooth enamel for cracked teeth using makeup, skin illustrator, brushwork and airbrush painting using old age stipple for subtle ageing or over the top horror characters such as ‘The Mummy’. How to get a good look out of cheaper wigs and hair pieces in order to add to a character’s final look.

Ultimately, this is an excellent opportunity for learning, honing and perfecting your skills to increase confidence and overall employability. This an opportunity not to miss!

Who is this for?

This unique and pro level training experience is geared to build your technical knowledgeAimed at those with some experience in the industry this master course incorporates all of your fx makeup, prosthetics, hair, wigs and character work to push you to the next level.

You will benefit from tutoring delivered by makeup and hair experts with iconic status in the film industry. Learn skills that the industry demands that are unavailable via mainstream college and university courses. 

For professionals already working in the industry, this is your chance to upskill and upgrade all of your hair and makeup skills in a productive environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Equally, it’s an excellent opportunity to network and stay connected.

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information. 

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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