Bleeding & Blood FX

Take your casualty makeup effects to an entirely new level on this Pro level master course. 

Course Summary

  • Wounds – gunshot & cut throat
  • Sculpting
  • Moulding
  • Casting 
  • Make silicone appliances
  • Perfect edges
  • Colour matching
  • Custom bleeding rigs 
  • Prosthetics application
  • Film your custom bleeding effect 
  • Duration 5 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £599

More information

Bleeding Prosthetics & Blood FX

This Bleeding prosthetics & blood fx master course takes casualty makeup effects to an entirely new level. Discover essential bleeding effects. Blood gags are one of the most exciting effects to create. Even crew who have no interest in makeup will draw near and watch as a blood gag is about to shoot.  It’s messy but lots of fun.

There are some simple things,  which when taken into consideration, make for a much smoother effect. Although the bleeding wound is the fun part to see, it’s all the hidden plumbing which is the secret. Ensuring the tubing is hidden within the piece without an obvious bulge is what makes the effect realistic.

Benefit from a series of live presentations, practical demonstrations and taking part in hands-on tasks that will teach you how to create wounds that spray blood, bleed continuously and pulsate on cue for the camera.

You will create your very own functioning bleeding tube and bladder rigs. These will bulge and bleed as you test them in front of the camera. It’s immensely fun to film them in actionBlood gags can call for huge arterial spurts or sustained, weeping bleeds, and often bladders are made to ensure a large area can supply a constant flow of blood. Lastly, they are also used to create bulges and swelling under the skin, such as with creature transformations and aliens.

Most importantly, surrounded by industry experts the course provides the ideal environment for networking. Upon completion of the course, you can keep everything you make.


Who is this for?

Whether you’re male or female, this unique and pro level training experience is geared to build your technical knowledgeAimed at those with some experience in the industry, this is an fx makeup course not to be missed.

You will benefit from tutoring delivered by FX makeup experts with iconic status in the film industry. Learn skills that the industry demands that are unavailable via mainstream college and university courses. 

For professionals already working in the industry, this is your chance to upskill and upgrade your sfx skills in a productive environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Equally, it’s an excellent opportunity to network and stay connected.

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information.

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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