4 Week Pro Period Hair & Wigs

Master the art of period hair & wigs at the highest levels of excellence

Course Summary

  • Design & References
  • Ancient Greek and Roman styles
  • Medieval styles
  • Elizabethan styles
  • Stuart styles of the 17th Century
  • Georgian styles of the 18th Century 
  • Early 19th Century styles – Apollo Knots
  • Early, mid and late Victorian styles
  • Edwardian styles
  • 20s’ & 30s’ setting & styling techniques, Marcel waves and Finger waves
  • 40s’, 50s’, 60s’ & 70s’
  • Ornaments & Hats
  • Fitting, Dressing & Applying wigs
  • Attaching hair switches and wefts
  • Working with ladder pieces and 3/4 wigs
  • Temporary colouring of hair, wigs and hair pieces – different products

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  • Duration 20 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £2199

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Working with hair can be, at times, very challenging and frustrating if you don’t have the guidance needed to understand what is expected at a professional level.

Immerse yourself into this 4 week journey and gain precise control in accomplishing industry approved results, in both live models and wigs.

Led by industry top liners, this intensive 4 week programme has been designed to cover key periods of hairstyling, looking at references, volume and shape, tools and materials, in order to develop high standard skills and feel confident you can deliver any result with ease.

Your journey begins with 18th Century Hair, looking at all aspects involved in the creation of intricate hairstyles for this period (Wigs, hair pieces, padding, soft curls small and close to the head styles, wire cages, setting & styling techniques); then an intense week of Victorian & Edwardian Hair, where the usage of wigs become crucial and you will also work with ornaments and hats to create elaborated results. Following this week, you will be challenge to produce unique results for the 20s’ & 30s’ in the Marcel Wave week, understanding how to professionally handle tongs and grips to produce beautiful waves and curls, and perfect styles in these key periods. Your journey finishes looking at the last 4 decades of period hair, 40s’, 50s’, 60s’ & 70s’. Intensive setting and styling sessions will rule this week where you will be pushed to produce unique styles for each period.

With models available for every week, wigs, hair pieces, tools and access to all the supplies you will require, everything you need to master period hair awaits you. If you are serious about your career in the hair department, this is the course to energise your ambitions.

Who is this for?

Pro or career beginner, this master course is geared to build technical knowledge and align you ready to begin or continue you career in the industry, feeling confident in your skills. Small class sizes and tailored learning to your specific needs allow us to work with a variety of different experience levels. 

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information. 

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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