Military Uniforms Essentials

A specialised master course designed to further your military costume knowledge and skill.

Course Summary

  • Dressing
  • Extensive knowledge of the periods and dressing
  • Mood boards and colour schemes
  • Bringing the characters to life
  • Buying, hiring, making
  • Working with a budget
  • Practical skills: Kit boxes, etiquette on set, fittings

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  • Duration 2 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £349

More information

Military Essentials Master Course

This Costume Military Essentials Master Course equips you with the skills to create a camera ready military uniform with confidence and precision. Meet unrivalled and expert guidance of a highly experienced on set costumier and the senior military costumier at Angels.

We will focus on British army uniforms from 1745-2015. Furthermore, you will have access Angels’ Costumes vast military uniform collection as reference material. Ultimately, you will master the specifics of replicating modern and period military uniforms.

This unrivalled training opportunity will provide you with a greater understanding of the materials, cut and construction of military dress. Therefore, how to recreate that look convincingly for top level Film. Most importantly, let us tailor this session to your specific needs. Make sure to ask questions you may not feel able to in the workplace. Therefore, you will develop confidence by spending time with key players who have masses of experience. Most of all, this is your chance to access a lifetime of knowledge and experience that’s unrivalled.

Make the most of this training and networking opportunity for existing and novices alike. Class sizes are small so that a variety of different experience levels can be catered for. Ask questions you wouldn’t be able to ask in the work place and therefore we tailor this course to your specific professional needs. 

This is regarded as the crème de la crème of courses in this traditional area of film making.  

As a result of this course you will build confidence and understanding consequently making you more employable. You will gain a valuable insight into the heart of the industry. Equip yourself with the keys for shaping a successful career.

Who is this for?

Whether you’re starting your career in film or you’ve just completed a college course, this unique training experience is geared to build technical knowledge. You will benefit from tutoring delivered by military costume specialists with legendary status in the film industry.

Tap into unrivalled knowledge and experience, unavailable via mainstream college and university courses. This is an opportunity not to be missed, it could put you on the path to a successful career in costume and will set you apart in your costume career by giving you unrialled specific and targeted knowledge in this key area

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information.

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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