Greens Essentials

Ignite your interest in a career in Horticulture and the Greens Department for Film and TV on this introductory course

Course Summary

  • Team Breakown
  • Working with the Designer & Producer
  • Script Breakdown & Budgets
  • Preparation and planning
  • List Sets
  • Living Props
  • Design & References
  • Live plants and trees
  • Artificial foliage and Flowers
  • Rocks (natural & artificial)
  • Tree Stands
  • Strike and Reinstatements

Please note, price shown is excluding VAT

  • Duration 2 days
  • Location Buckinghamshire
  • Price £349

More information

Greens Essentials Master course

This Greens Essentials Master Course is led by one of the most accoladed and highly experienced Greens men and horticulturalists in the Film industry, Roger Holden. Therefore, will ignite your interest in a career in Greens and living props for Film.

Discover the different stages of the design and implementation process from the script to the screen, while learning about etiquette on set, set preparation and how to build some of the biggest and most challenging horticultural sets seen on screen, resulting in a powerful overview of the department you wish to enter.

This  master course will show you how to take your existing knowledge of landscape design and horticulture to a new level

Attending will equip you with the basic principles of Greens and of how the department works.

You will also be working toward a group project at the end of the course. These could be something simple such as supplying potted plants, a small garden setting, to larger projects such as forests, jungles, swamps, desert landscapes, formal gardens, overgrown gardens and even Martian landscapes.

The workshop is a way to ease yourself into the industry. This could be your passport to launching a career. Sit alongside like-minded people and industry professionals to plot your path to success in the Greens Department. 

Who is this for?

Design for those looking at starting a career in films, this Greens Essentials course is structured to equip you with the skills needed to succeed in the Greens Department at the highest levels of excellence.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Develop skills that aren’t taught at university. If you’re serious about working or extending your career in the Greens and horticulture for Film, this is the course to energise your ambitions.

If you need financial support towards the cost of this training there are options available to you. Have a look at our Funding guide for more information.

If you need advice on available travel and accommodation options to attend this training then have a look at our accommodation and Travel guide here. 

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