Ray Stanley

Ray Stanley

Course leader Ray Stanley is a former Senior Lecturer and Academic with 30 years experience in practical and theoretical studies. Ray has perfected his skills on conceptualisation, draughting, model making and project realisation.

In 2011 he was introduced to Terry Ackland-Snow and the world of film design as part of a joint initiative between the University and Film Design International to provide a Master of Arts award in Art Direction.

The combination of skills and ideas reflecting many themes and attributes between architecture, interior, theatre scenic design and film design has led to a strong working team with a top-level teaching outcome for their Masterclasses. 

At Creative Media Skills we have a constantly growing bank of tutors. We understand the importance of perfecting key skills. Most importantly we understand that the soft skills accumulated from simply spending time with those who have great knowledge and  experience is invaluable.

We hand pick the most experienced and generous professionals from some of the biggest sets in the world. By being adaptable around working schedules, we succeed in continually persuading these top level professionals to give of their time.

All of our course leaders at CMS share a passion to enlighten younger crew coming up behind them. They love to pass on their huge knowledge and expertise that only years of experience can bring. Most importantly in this way crew receive highly professional training targeted to their greatest point of need.