Barbi's Inside Scoop: Week 5

Hola Mundo,
Que onda? / What’s up?

Well Hello-Hello and welcome to my 5th week at CMS!
If I had to sum up the past week, a song comes to mind: We are family by Sister Sledge
Yes, it has all been about TEAMWORK!
(Plus, CMS does feel like a big warm family!)

Starting on Monday (…which is never easy ) our first assignment came through the door: Literally!
The team gather around to prepare our new 3D sign for its designated spot on the big white wall.

Hey, we also need to sharpen our creative media skills 😉 
Sign almost done! 
Speaking about Boost Days, this Hair Masterclass definitely blew our minds! 
CMS was packed full!


Joseph, could you do my hair for work every morning?
But what made me smile the most was our super positive feedback from al the participants on Social Media! 
But the week hadn’t been complete without our final but VERY IMPORTANT TASK: Give our lovely little Bonnie a haircut.
And yes, this was a challenge for all!
Of course, I was doing the coverage behind the scenes…
…But I was helping them in spirit!  😉 
Finally, we are all preparing for this weekend’s United Makeup Artist Expo 2016
Don’t be a stranger and visit us on stand B6!
So that was it for week 5!
I promise I’ll post the Before & After photos of Bonnie’s new hairstyle, next week! 
Id love to hear from you guys, feel free to contact me with
any questions about CMS amazing courses or backstage extravaganzas!
I’ll gladly respond to each of you with a smile 🙂

Email me:


Im signing off for now, 

Besos y abrazos

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