Barbi's Inside Scoop: Week 4 (1 Month Anniversary!)

Hola Mundo,
Que onda? / What’s up?

It’s my 4th week at Creative Media Skills
which means: One month anniversary!
Oh, don’t worry cake is on the menu!

Monday started with Madlen Mierzwiak and her 2 Day Pro-Barbering Course: Participants learned new, specific and different a techniques  as well as innovative approaches. Intensive cutting, shaving and grooming couple of days!


A few lucky guys got award winning hair cuts by the tutor herself!

Wales just got lucky, indeed!
This week CMS also run 3 amazing courses at Pinewood Studios in Cardiff:
Intro to Costume
Intro to SFX & Prosthetics
Intro to Hair & Wigs for Films


Are you from Wales?

Did you miss the chance of taking part in our courses? Cheer up! We are coming to you 
with plenty more! 
Click here to find out!!

But, wait…
What about that cake?
You said cake was on the menu for this week, right?
Yes! Yes I did…
And wouldn’t tease about cake, pinky promise!
Happy Birthday, Kulan!
The birthday girl and her skew “doekie”

…or as I like saying Kulan-The-Gang!
(…Of course, referring to the great 70’s R&B, disco band Kool & The Gang)

The celebration for our Model Coordinator’s birthday was filled CMS with balloons, music, smiles & happy tummies...
To tell you the truth, that actually IS CMS everyday!

Finally, the week came to and end with a thrilling news: CMS BOOST DAYS!
Let me explain what they are and how can YOU can be part of it!
Boost Days are an amazing opportunity for any person who is interested in the creative industry, to attend a 1 day Masterclass or Workshop taught by our outstanding tutors and having the chance to learn while networking and having fun!
You only need to sign up for a free place and that is it!

Don’t tell me you are not excited about this? 
Even more so, we are having a BOOST DAY during this week!
Apply now at
And get a spot in our Perfect Blow-dry & Styling Techniques!

One Month anniversary… 
What can I say?

To plenty more hair-raisingly exciting anniversaries like this one!
Hear, hear!

Id love to hear from you guys, feel free to contact me with
any questions about CMS amazing courses or even my internship!
I’ll gladly respond to each of you with a smile 🙂

Email me:

Im signing off for now, 
Besos y abrazos

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