Barbi's Inside Scoop: Week 3

Hola Mundo,
Que onda? / What’s up?

Already Week 3? Seriously?
Time flies when you are having fun!

So let me summarize these fervid past days!
From eerie Barbie-Doll Heads & exciting CMS Courses to a heavenly vegan chocolate birthday party cake!
This week was a packed-full with tempting creative experiences!

We started with the brilliant Anita Burger and her 3 Day Course on FITTING & APPLYING WIGS!

She is seriously the best in the field! 


Even a few of us got to experience LIFE AS A MODEL having wigs put on by participants and Anita herself!

Facundo’s Wild Manes by one of our participants 


Of course, I didn’t want to miss the chance of having two
beautifully talented participants put a blonde wig on me…
And yes, blonde do have more fun! 

We also had remarkably weird lunches surrounded by the eerie Barbie Doll Heads… 
But don’t worry, this is totally normal for us at Creative Media Skills… 
Well, sort of….

So, how did your weekend go, ladies? 

The truth behind this story is that we were preparing the Dolls for our 2 Day Pro-Barbering Course taught by Madlen Mierzwiak

So these lovely bunch of (very realistic…) lady heads will be joining us for a couple of days for the upcoming course. Don’t worry if you missed your chance to be part this coming Monday.

We will be running several Pro-Barbering courses all through next weeks.
Wednesday: Middle of the week… And of course it was another non-stop/ jam-pack exciting day!
More than 25 participants applied for Stuart Bray’s SFX MAKEUP – MATERIALS ORIENTATIONS Course!

It was so much fun!!
 Between Stuart and the participants, we started sharing social media feed in live time!
Alas, Friday!
My favorite day of the week came along with a celebration: Facundo’s surprise birthday party! 
We had an oh-so British Tea Party with balloons, cool music, laughs and oh, yes of course… Vegan chocolate cake!

After such a packed full week, this was the perfect way to end, right? 
What more could I ask for?
…Oh yes, maybe another slice of cake… Seriously, soooo good! 
Id love to hear from you guys, feel free to contact me with
any questions about CMS amazing courses or even my internship!
I’ll gladly respond to each of you with a smile 🙂

Email me:

Im signing off for now, 
Besos y abrazos

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