Barbi's Inside Scoop: Week 2

Hola Mundo,
Que onda? / What’s up?

So last time, I was telling you guys about my first days at Creative Media Skills!
I started my week with these bunch of pretty ladies attending our APPLY YOUR OWN MAKEUP Course taught by the great makeup artist Tina Earnshaw!

Meeting Tina was such an honor. I wish I had a quarter of the talent she has!
Truly amazing!

Followed by a 5 -Day intensive MAKING AND APPLYING PROSTHETICS – THE ESSENTIALS Course taught by the magical Stuart Bray

Stuart Bray giving one-on-one tips and tricks, he is the best!

And finally meeting the most amazing Script Supervisor on earth: Lisa Vick!

Who’s 2-Day Masterclass took place at CMS and introduced our lovely participants to a career in script supervision, providing them with valuable insights to the industry.
It was A-MA-ZING!
Seriously, I couldn’t stop listening and taking down notes!


You wont believe how enchanting she is!
Super energetic, talented and smart!
So that was my 2nd week at CMS and there is sooooooo much more to come!
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any questions about CMS amazing courses or even my internship!
I’ll gladly respond to each of you with a smile 🙂

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Besos y abrazos

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